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Shoe Club

Shoe club information and application

What is a Shoe Club?

Shoe Clubs are made up of groups of people, friends, family or coworkers and are, simply, a line of credit for purchases made at St. Pierre's. It allows customers to pay for merchandise over a 10 week period instead of all at once. Shoe clubs can also be used like a savings account with payments accumulated over the weeks that can be used for large purchases such as Christmas gifts or Back to School shoes for the whole family. Money paid into the club can be used on anything in store*: shoes, handbags, gift certificates and more. (*Due to limited pairs allocated and Nike retailer policy changes Release Date Jordans may not be purchased through shoe clubs.)

Want to join?

  1. Download and complete our new club form.
  2. Bring the completed form and first payment to a St. Pierre's location.

New Club Form

*Please read our Rules and Responsibilities

Rules and Responsibilities

Club Secretary is responsible for ensuring all members are aware of these rules.

A Club requires at least 4 members and a combined weekly payment of at least $25. Example: 5 members who each pay $5.00 a week meets both requirements. Any combination of number of members and weekly payment amounts can be used as long as both minimums are met. Fill out a New Club form and return it with at least one week's payment to open a club.

First Time clubs will be placed on a 5 week hold. No money can be spent from the club until 5 weeks have been paid and only the amount paid in can be used. This hold is only for the first club and is used to establish good payment habits. If a club's payments are continually late or the club runs beyond its due date, holds may be placed on club funds or any additional clubs run.

The club secretary is responsible for collecting each member's weekly payment and making a combined weekly payment to the store. Only full, weekly payments are accepted. Members' payments must be given to the Secretary. Individual payments brought by members to the store will not be accepted except under certain circumstances and only at the discretion of the cashier.

All Payments are expected weekly and on time. Payments can be made by cash or checks made out to St. Pierre's Shoes. Payments made by credit or debit card are subject to a 5% fee. Arrangements can be made for a bi-weekly payment schedule wherein double payments can be made every other week. Example: If your club totals $50.00 a week, you may pay $100.00 every other week instead. Please inform the cashier if you intend to pay this way.

Any club 3 or more weeks behind in payments will be put on hold. Members will only be allowed to use the amount of money paid in. No credit will be extended until payments are made current. Clubs that run beyond their due date risk having some or the entire dividend withheld. Any club 30 days beyond its due date will lose all club dividends.

The Club Secretary accepts responsibility for all club credit extended. If a club member spends any or all club money and defaults on their weekly payments the Secretary is responsible for any owed balance of that member. Only allow members that can be trusted to make any and all payments. There is no cash refund on club money. Money paid in must be spent on merchandise. Club dividends cannot be used to pay any owed balance.

A 10% Merchandise Dividend will be given to the Secretary when the final payment is made if the club has run with no payment issues.

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